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Les règles d’étiquette dans le monde des affaires : le Royaume-Uni et l’Allemagne

Il y a beaucoup de différences entre l’Allemagne et le Royaume-Uni, mais il y a tout autant de points communs. Même si ces pays ne sont pas si éloignés l’un de l’autre, ils peuvent être, d’une certaine façon, totalement différents, en particulier en ce qui concerne les règles d’étiquette. Le protocole de salutations peut varier […]


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David Beckham in Swaziland

David Beckham, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador travelled to Swaziland, Africa on June 8th 2016 to meet a community which is, among other things, regularly hit by droughts. Indeed, during his stay, David experienced the worst drought in years. Not only are the children struck by natural disasters, but they are also highly vulnerable to HIV, […]


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Business etiquette: the UK and Germany

There are many differences between Germany and the UK, but there are just as many similarities. Even though these countries are not that far away from each other, they can be somehow totally different, especially when it comes to business etiquette.   Greeting procedures may vary depending on the circumstances of the meeting: giving a […]


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Augmenter la satisfaction du consommateur

Durant le cycle de vie client*, la phase de satisfaction est capitale. Avec une stratégie élaborée, vous minimiserez les retours de produits, vous éviterez  que le consommateur ait des regrets, et vous augmenterez son degré de satisfaction. Pour ce faire, voici trois étapes essentielles à suivre lorsque vous voulez assurer la satisfaction d’un client et […]


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a work-study training program in France?

A work-study training program consists in studying at school and working for a company. In France, this kind of program dictates that students shall be at school two days per week and work in the company for the rest of the week, or to be one week at school and one week in the company. […]


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David Beckham à Swaziland

David Beckham, ambassadeur itinérant de l’UNICEF, s’est rendu le 8 juin à Swaziland, en Afrique, afin d’y rencontrer les habitants, régulièrement victimes de la sécheresse et d’autres catastrophes naturelles. C’est d’ailleurs pendant son séjour qu’une des périodes de sécheresse les plus accrues a sévi. En plus d’être menacés par les catastrophes naturelles, les enfants sont également exposés au VIH, […]


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Companies hunting methods

Most of companies have defined target groups. Usually, it depends on criteria such as age, gender, taste, advertisement according to the company’s image and values. Furthermore, it depends on the kind of activities and also the public target. A target is when you know exactly what or who is your goal and you want to achieve it. So, companies can […]


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Luxury Industry and Social Media: Beyond Illusory Contradiction

The Context The world of media communication has dramatically changed over the last few years, involving both individuals and businesses. Traditional media, which main feature is to be offline, have seen their role of informative communication channels challenged by the rise of the Internet and all the subsequent tools from it thanks to the technological advancements in this particular […]


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Market study : Mobile phones

Marketing is a crucial function in all companies and organisations. That is why market research is a very important aspect of the economy. It allows companies to improve their products and to know their competitors’ strategies in order to increase their sales revenue or the number of their customers. According to the law of supply and demand, they have […]


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Celebrity Advertising

Nowadays, in a lot of commercials, you can see someone famous promote a product. Take for example the well-known brand L’Oréal. The latter chose Eva Longoria to promote its mascara, asking her to say the famous quote “Because you’re worth it” which everybody has heard at least once in their life. Liam Neeson unexpectedly appeared […]


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