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Les influences culturelles sur le comportement du consommateur

Plusieurs facteurs influencent le comportement du consommateur, les plus importants étant les facteurs culturels. Ces derniers peuvent être définis comme un ensemble de valeurs et d’idéologies partagées par une communité ou un groupe de personnes. Tout au long de sa vie, un individu est influencé par sa famille, ses amis et son environnement culturel ou sociétal. On lui inculquera des […]


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Cultural influences on consumer behaviour

Several factors influence consumer behaviour, but the most important factors are the cultural ones. Cultural factors can be defined as a set of values and ideologies of a particular community or group of individuals. An individual is influenced during his existence by his family, his friends and his cultural environment or society. All of them […]


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Tips from the other side

How to score in a job interview explained by recruiters Every time we have a job interview, we ask ourselves the same question: What do I have to do, so that they take me? Some of us then try to read up on the topic. Others try to remember all the tips our friends and […]


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