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Videogame Marketing – An on-screen competition

With the emerging videogame culture, related start-up businesses that daily upload new free-to-play games or blockbusters are going through hardships to keep up with the competition. Technology keeps going forward within the growing gaming subculture and the release of new platforms became the first communication tool between startups and gamers. The actual market shares are held by French, […]


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How business schools attract students

In France, there are hundred of business schools and all of them are expensive. Most of the students have to borrow from the bank to pay school fees. Indeed, for a bachelor, the most affordable school such as TELECOM costs 15.240 euros, but it can go up to 39.500 euros for EM Lyon, one of the most famous business […]


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Real Time Marketing

Definition The term “Real Time Marketing” appeared first in 2005, but it only started to be a trend in 2007, and it suddenly increased in 2013. That is because Real Time Marketing is closely connected with social media and their expansion, which happened in the aforementioned time frame. So, what exactly is Real Time Marketing? It is a […]


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Methods of exporting and channels of distribution

  There are two ways to introduce your company or products in a foreign market: indirect exporting and direct exporting. INDIRECT EXPORTING. The principal advantage of indirect exporting is that allows the companies introduce their products into foreign markets without any responsibility or risk. This way is perfect for small companies. -Commission agents. They find […]


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Le “Celebrity Marketing”

De nos jours, c’est une stratégie très fréquemment utilisée. De nombreuses célébrités interviennent dans la publicité, ce qui a un certain impact sur les consommateurs. Les personalités mondialement connues ont l’habitude d’apparaître dans une pub pour vendre une marque. Ceci est notamment dû à l’ère du digital. Nous nous sentons plus proches de ces célébrités […]


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Celebrity Marketing

It’s a common strategy these days. A lot of celebrities are used in advertisement, what has an impact on the customers. Especially world wide known celebrities are used to appear in an advertisement to sell a brand. One of the reasons for that is the digital world. We feel more connected to those celebrities than […]


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La historia de Marketing Guerrilla

Guerrilla es un término que salio a la luz en 1984 por Jay Conrad Levinson, que escribió un libro “Guerrilla Markteting, Secretos para hacer grandes ganancias de una empresa: Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business” Conjunto de estrategias de marketing en medios no convencionales que consiguen su objetivo con la implantacion de […]


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5 Maneras de promocionar su marca

Una buena campaña de marketing siempre es fundamental. Puede que tenga los mejores productos del mercado, los precios más bajos, la mejor calidad o la más desarrollada tecnología, pero si ésto solo lo conocen sus amigos, le aseguramos que no llegará muy lejos. En la era en la que estamos y con las múltiples herramientas […]


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How to be creative at work

What is creativity? Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points out a new life. To the Global CEO Study, creativity is the most crucial factor for Future Success. Indeed, it begins with a foundation of knowledge, […]


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Eine Reihe von Mikro-Systemen erstellt ein Makro-System

Mehrere Gründe brachten mich zum Entschluss einige Monate in New Romney zu verbringen, meistens sind es persönliche und ein Teil von denen konnte ich mit anderen Studenten aus dem Praktikum teilen. Vor allem im Ausland tätig zu sein, ist heute wichtiger denn je, da es eine Herausforderung mit dem dynamischen Markt mit sich bringt und […]


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