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Product Adaptation Strategy

Should we adapt our product? When you want to introduce your product in a foreign market you should ask yourself that question. Your product may be unwelcome in some countries. As a result, you have to adapt it to their customs and laws. There are three main reasons encouraging you to adapt your products: 1. Special laws […]


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Decision making

In our daily life we all make decisions such as whether going to work by car or by bike. But first, what is a decision? A decision is choosing a solution among several possibilities. In this article we will see the point of setting goals and the different kind of decisions.  Everyone has goals: an athlete wants to […]


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Partez à la conquête des marchés étrangers !

Quel est le meilleur moment pour s’étendre à l’international ? De nombreux directeurs ignorent que leur entreprise est trop importante pour se cantonner au territoire national. Si vous voulez avoir du succès, vous devez passer au niveau supérieur. Toute entreprise connaissant un fort succès sur le territoire national devrait prendre le risque de s’exporter. Beaucoup ne […]


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Achetez intelligent!

Comment acheter intelligent ? Quel est la signification d’un « achat intelligent » ? Je vais à partir de maintenant me focaliser objectivement sur les supermarchés. La plupart des gens se rendent dans les supermarchés et savent très bien que les grandes chaînes se servent de stratégies marketing. Dans cet article, je vous expliquerai comment acheter intelligent et économiser […]


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How to shop smart

How can you shop smart? What is actually the meaning of “shopping smart”? I am objectively going to focus on the super markets. Most of the people go to super markets and know that the big chains use marketing strategies. I will explain how you can shop smart and save a lot of money by […]


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Threat of the competition in a new market

When you are entering a new market, you will have to take some matters into account. Your company cannot just enter a market without being prepared. It is like entering a jungle. If you go unprepared the chance, that you are not going to make it, is big. It works the same way in the […]


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Take your company abroad

When is the perfect moment to internationalize your company? A lot of companies do not realise that they are too big in their domestic area. If they want to succeed, they have to bring it to the next level. Every company that encounters a big success in their home country should take the risk to […]


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