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Erasmus: don’t miss the chance

Have you ever heard the saying “Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus”? Probably yes, but you can truly understand what it means only if you have experienced it. Erasmus is a real life-changing opportunity that should not be missed by any student, regardless of the course of study. No matter what your goals and aspirations are, this […]


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Wie ich effizienter im Unterricht bin

Manchmal geht es dir im Unterricht nicht so gut, du bist gelangweilt und die Zeit scheint nicht zu vergehen, sodass du nur mit deinen Freunden reden und andere Dinge tun möchtest. Wie geht man damit um? Schule ist zum Lernen da. Zunächst musst du am Unterricht aktiv teilnehmen. Grundsätzlich ist es der effizienteste Weg vom […]


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Come imparare meglio

Tutti sanno che esistono mille modi per imparare qualcosa, ma molto spesso accade che questi siano sbagliati o che non vengano seguiti in maniera corretta. In questo articolo voglio mostrarvi come raggiungere il vostro obiettivo (che in questo caso consiste nell’imparare qualcosa di nuovo). Il primo passo è quello di stabilire l’obiettivo stesso, così da […]


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Comment être plus efficace en classe

Parfois, une heure de cours semble ne jamais se finir et vous vous ennuyez énormément. Parler avec vos amis devient alors très tentant et vous vous laissez facilement distraire. Que faire dans ce genre de situation? Comment rester concentré en classe? L’école est un endroit pour apprendre. Avant tout, il vous faut participer en classe. […]


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How to be more efficient in class

Sometimes, a class hour just does not want to go by even though you are terribly bored. |Then, speaking to your friends is very tempting and you are easily distracted from the class’ subject. How to deal with this kind of situation and stay focused? The school is a place for studying. First of all, […]


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Come sfruttare al massimo il tuo tirocinio?

Margaux Manhaudier Di solito quando inizi un tirocinio non hai molto lavoro da fare. È solo l’inizio e pensi che non stai facendo niente di rilevante? Bene, di seguito troverai come sfruttare al massimo il tuo tirocinio! Innanzitutto devi vedere ogni compito che ti viene assegnato come un’opportunità, anche se pensi che siano noiosi. Ad […]


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How can you make the most of your internship?

When you start an internship, you usually don’t have much work to do. It is only the beginning and you already feel like you are doing nothing relevant? Then, here is how to take advantage of your internship! What you have to do first is to see every task as an opportunity, even if you […]


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English, IT, Communication, Management… I killed more than two birds with one stone

Before my internship my goals were to improve my English and have my first work experience in informatics. However I learned much more than that and now I know that the whole experience was amazing. Let me explain it to you. I am French, and I was a very bad English speaker. When I arrived […]


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IT and all the rest: Feeling like an octopus

My name is Antony and I am currently in my second year of D.U.T. Informatique equivalent to two years university for computer sciences. When I came here I was afraid because everybody spoke English perfectly and I had trouble to understand what they talked to me about. But there are several ways to improve yourself […]


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Management internship in England

My name is Anki, I am 23 and I come from Germany. I am a student of International Management, which is an international oriented program, that is completely taught in English. In my previous years I spent much time abroad for work experiences or studying, but England was always the “perfect country” for me. So […]


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