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L’arabo é una lingua semitica parlata da non meno di 422 milioni persone – come prima o seconda lingua – appartenenti al mondo arabo o alla Diaspora Araba, al Nord Africa, all’Asia occidentale e al Corno d’Africa. L’Arabo è divenuta la lingua del Corano e la lingua ufficiale dell’Islam dal momento in cui tale religione […]


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Que savez-vous sur la langue arabe ?

L’arabe est une langue sémitique parlée, en première ou seconde langue, par plus de 422 millions de personnes, au sein du monde arabe et à travers la diaspora arabe, c’est-à-dire dans le nord de l’Afrique, en Asie de l’Ouest et dans la corne de l’Afrique. La langue arabe est originaire de la péninsule arabique, où […]


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What do you know about Arabic?

Arabic is a Semitic language spoken by as many as 422 million speakers – as their first or second language – in the Arab world or within the Arab diaspora, widely across North Africa, Western Asia and the Horn of Africa. Arabic became the Quran language and the liturgical language of Islam when the religion […]


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Top tips to make the most out of your experience abroad

If you’re living an experience in a foreign country, far away from your family and friends, I bet you have already been given some advice. I will try to give you some original tips that you probably didn’t think about before. Sure you have to avoid speaking in your native language, to read news in […]


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Body Language: how to shape our mind and become a powerful person.

Before speaking how our body can help us to become a powerful person and how people through their body language show power or the lack of it, we should talk about what body language is, also known as non-verbal communication. As we have already said, body language or non-verbal behaviour is a real form of […]


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