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How to deal with stress

Nowadays, stress is a huge part of our lives but also a big problem for most of us. Knowing how to deal with stress is really useful in order to reduce it. It is actually quite difficult to clearly define what stress is because people show different reactions to it. Most of the time, stress […]


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Consigli per una buona salute

by Elisa Montagni Seguite alcune semplici regole per una vita più sana. A volte sembra che le persone abbiano paura di condurre uno stile di vita sano, forse perché sono spaventate da qualcosa o perché sono auto-distruttive. “La salute supera tutti gli altri beni esterni, a tal punto, che davvero un mendicante sano è più […]


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Healthy Tips

Elisa Montagni Follow a few rules for an healthier life. Sometimes people seem to have fear of carrying on a healthy life, maybe because they are scared of something or they are self-destructive. “Health is so far above all other material goods that in truth a healthy beggar is happier than a sick king” -Arthur Schopenhauer […]


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