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Les règles d’étiquette dans le monde des affaires : le Royaume-Uni et l’Allemagne

Il y a beaucoup de différences entre l’Allemagne et le Royaume-Uni, mais il y a tout autant de points communs. Même si ces pays ne sont pas si éloignés l’un de l’autre, ils peuvent être, d’une certaine façon, totalement différents, en particulier en ce qui concerne les règles d’étiquette. Le protocole de salutations peut varier […]


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Business etiquette: the UK and Germany

There are many differences between Germany and the UK, but there are just as many similarities. Even though these countries are not that far away from each other, they can be somehow totally different, especially when it comes to business etiquette.   Greeting procedures may vary depending on the circumstances of the meeting: giving a […]


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Real Time Marketing

Definition The term “Real Time Marketing” appeared first in 2005, but it only started to be a trend in 2007, and it suddenly increased in 2013. That is because Real Time Marketing is closely connected with social media and their expansion, which happened in the aforementioned time frame. So, what exactly is Real Time Marketing? It is a […]


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Para leer, trabajar, o incluso para conducir se necesita concentrarse. Eso nos permite recordar mejor y evitar gastar energía. Ya sea un problema recurrente o sólo por causa del cansancio, ciertas personas temen no ser capaces de concentrarse. Además, mejorar tu concentración permite sentirse más relajado y dominar mejor tu personalidad. ¿Qué es la concentración? […]


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Concentration is essential to read, to work or even to drive. It both allows us to memorise things more easily and to avoid wasting energy. Whether it is an underlying or a temporary problem caused by tiredness, some people are afraid of not being able to focus. Furthermore, improving your concentration is one way to […]


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Is Steve Jobs’ style helpful in business?

Steve Jobs was the most successful entrepreneur of his generation. But he was also known for being a rude manager, who shouted at colleagues during meetings and seemed impatient and dismissive of others’ contributions. But would this management style help you reach the top? Of course, everybody does not share the same opinion. According to […]


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Methods of exporting and channels of distribution

  There are two ways to introduce your company or products in a foreign market: indirect exporting and direct exporting. INDIRECT EXPORTING. The principal advantage of indirect exporting is that allows the companies introduce their products into foreign markets without any responsibility or risk. This way is perfect for small companies. -Commission agents. They find […]


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Le Marketing Expérientiel

Les consommateurs sont de plus en plus à la recherche d’expérience qui leur permet d’oublier la routine quotidienne, voir même de les faire réver avec des idées sophistiquées, ou l’esthétique et l’atmosphère sont des élements clés. La phase d’achat devient alors parfois même être plus intéressante que le produit en lui même.   L’échelle experientielle […]


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Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is based on the fact that consumers are more and more searching for an experience that makes them go out of their routine, that makes them dream with sophisticated concepts, where aesthetic and ambient are omnipresent. Sometimes the shopping experience can be even more interesting than the product itself. Experiential wheel : 4 […]


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L’utilité du Marketing Direct

Pendant la journée, nous sommes constamment impressionnés par les pubs qui passent à la télé, dans le métro, à la radio, dans les journaux, par emails, etc.. Ce type de marketing, utilisant différents canaux pour promouvoir un produit ou service, est appelé le MARKETING DIRECT. De cette manière, il est possible d’avoir un grand succès […]


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