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Tips to succeed a job interview

Getting a job interview can sometimes be a source of stress for many people but in order to calm down, you have to keep in mind that this interview could definitely change your life if you succeed. That is why it is necessary to follow some rules which can help us to keep stress away […]


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Wie schreibe ich Artikel für Webseiten

Webseiten sind keine Bücher. Daher gibt es entscheidende Unterschiede einen gedruckten oder einen Text für eine Webseite zu verfassen. Deshalb ist es hilfreich den eigenen Schreibstil den Lesegewohnheiten seiner Zielgruppe anzupassen. Um dies zu tun, müssen Sie das Verhalten von Internetnutzern kennen, was sie erwarten und welche Nachricht Sie vermitteln möchten. Internetnutzer überfliegen die Webseiten […]


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Comment écrire des articles pour une page web

Les sites web ne sont pas des livres. Ainsi, il existe d’importantes différences concernant la rédaction de textes imprimés et d’articles pour pages web. Il est primordial d’adapter votre style d’écriture aux habitudes de votre lectorat. Pour cela, il vous faut connaître le comportement des internautes, leurs attentes et comment communiquer avec eux. Les internautes […]


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How To Write Articles For Websites

Websites are no books. Hence, there are significant differences in writing a printed text and writing a website. Therefore it is useful to adapt your style of writing to the reading habits of your audience. To do so you have to know the behaviour of the internet users, what they expect and what is important […]


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Come sfruttare al massimo il tuo tirocinio?

Margaux Manhaudier Di solito quando inizi un tirocinio non hai molto lavoro da fare. È solo l’inizio e pensi che non stai facendo niente di rilevante? Bene, di seguito troverai come sfruttare al massimo il tuo tirocinio! Innanzitutto devi vedere ogni compito che ti viene assegnato come un’opportunità, anche se pensi che siano noiosi. Ad […]


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How can you make the most of your internship?

When you start an internship, you usually don’t have much work to do. It is only the beginning and you already feel like you are doing nothing relevant? Then, here is how to take advantage of your internship! What you have to do first is to see every task as an opportunity, even if you […]


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