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Some English Grammar Features

At the first sight, English is quite a simple language. The conjugation of verbs remains the same except for the third-person singular. But the English language has also its traps which are often forgotten or barely learnt, unless you are studying foreign languages. In that case, the whole grammar is deepened. Here are some of […]


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Il business ha bisogno dell’Inglese

Al giorno d’oggi il business riguarda ogni contesto della vita. Possiamo trovarlo ovunque: quando andiamo al supermercato, quando prendiamo l’autobus, quando andiamo al pub, e cosi’ via fino a trovarlo nella piu’ alta carica di lavoro. Il Business e’ Inglese, se le persone vogliono comunicare con il resto del mondo, devono imparare l’Inglese, percio’ se […]


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Business et anglais : une affaire qui marche 

Le monde des affaires fait désormais partie de notre quotidien. Ainsi, que ce soit au supermarché, au pub, dans les transports publics(en commun), ou encore dans les plus hautes sphères, il est omniprésent. Toujours est-il que le monde des affaires et l’anglais vont de pair en ce sens que l’aptitude à parler l’anglais est un […]


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Business needs English

Business today is in every moment of our lives. It’s everywhere: when we go to the supermarket, when we take the bus, when we go to the pub till the highest level of work. Business needs English, if people want to communicate in the whole world, you have to learn English, so, if you want […]


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Top tips to make the most out of your experience abroad

If you’re living an experience in a foreign country, far away from your family and friends, I bet you have already been given some advice. I will try to give you some original tips that you probably didn’t think about before. Sure you have to avoid speaking in your native language, to read news in […]


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36 is not too old for an internship

My name is Eleni and I am studying Business Administration at the Open University of Cyprus. At Internship UK I am working as a project manager in the Marketing Department. ‘’People here make things simple’’ said my new Portuguese house mate and she is right. An internship here is the perfect step after University and […]


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English, IT, Communication, Management… I killed more than two birds with one stone

Before my internship my goals were to improve my English and have my first work experience in informatics. However I learned much more than that and now I know that the whole experience was amazing. Let me explain it to you. I am French, and I was a very bad English speaker. When I arrived […]


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IT and all the rest: Feeling like an octopus

My name is Antony and I am currently in my second year of D.U.T. Informatique equivalent to two years university for computer sciences. When I came here I was afraid because everybody spoke English perfectly and I had trouble to understand what they talked to me about. But there are several ways to improve yourself […]


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Management internship in England

My name is Anki, I am 23 and I come from Germany. I am a student of International Management, which is an international oriented program, that is completely taught in English. In my previous years I spent much time abroad for work experiences or studying, but England was always the “perfect country” for me. So […]


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My Accounting Internship in the United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Jero. I’m 25 years old and I come from Spain. I arrived in October and the weather was pretty good. This was strange as people had told me a lot of stories about the freezing weather in England. Soon this changed and weather started to be as described.  But never mind, I shared […]


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