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Build yourself a good reputation, make employers want to recruit you

During your studies, you have a lot of opportunities to know the labour market better. If you are active in the labour market, you know how to move from a sector to another. It gives you the opportunity to be well prepared in order to start your career. Moreover, if you are active on the […]


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How to form a targeted message when writing your CV

by Elisa Montagni A successful job search requires good planning and organization. You may think that you are prepared to look for employers and career paths, by creating a network with all the contacts of interest, and by sending out prospecting letters. But the first step is to be aware of your entire work history, personal skills […]


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Soft skills for your CV

In each business if you want to be hired, you should have, as prerequisite, the technical and professional competences required to the specific field you are applying for. These are called Hard Skills: they are specific, teachable, and they can be defined and measured. Some examples of hard skills are degrees, certificates, proficiency in a […]


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