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Come superare la timidezza?

Pauline Le Guilloux Arrossire, avere il terrore di parlare in pubblico o l’incapacità emotiva di dire no… Essere timidi è probabilmente la debolezza più comune. L’eccessiva timidezza è un problema: rovina la vita quotidiana e ti fa rinunciare alle opportunità. Come superare questa difficoltà per relazionarsi con gli altri? Sii sicuro di te Ciò che […]


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Πως να ξεπεράσεις τη συστολή σου

Pauline Le Guilloux Κοκκινίζεις, πανικοβάλεσαι, φοβάσαι να μιλήσεις μπροστά σε κοινό, ή ακόμα αδυνατείς να πεις όχι … η συστολή είναι πιθανότατα το πιο κοινή αδυναμία. Η συστολή, σε βαθμό υπερβολικό ισούται με πόνο: ροκανίζει την καθημερινότητα σου και σε κάνει να περνάς δίπλα από τις ευκαιρίες. Πώς να ξεπεράσεις αυτή τη δυσκολία του να […]


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How to overcome your shyness?

Pauline Le Guilloux Blushing, panic, fear of speaking in public, or emotional inability to say no … Shyness is probably the most common weakness. Excessive shyness means pain: it rots your daily life and makes you pass up many opportunities. How to overcome this difficulty of being towards others? Be confident What you need to […]


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Body Language: how to shape our mind and become a powerful person.

Before speaking how our body can help us to become a powerful person and how people through their body language show power or the lack of it, we should talk about what body language is, also known as non-verbal communication. As we have already said, body language or non-verbal behaviour is a real form of […]


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