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The democratisation of E-Sports

First of all, what is e-sport? It refers to the practice of a video game, on the Internet or LAN-party, alone or in teams, on a computer, a tablet or a console. The dream became a reality during the 1980s, while the ADSL was developing, and it marked the outbreak of high-speed connection into homes. At the […]


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Computer-Assisted Translation

In an increasingly globalised world, translators are confronted with more and more demands and requirements, especially in regard to editorial techniques. In addition, companies have a rising number of terminology and localisation needs to translate their products, services and documents. The fierce competition in the translation industry drives translators to drastically lower their prices in […]


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Computers VS Smartphones

Nowadays, many young people use their phones more often than their computers so as to surf the Internet. If you had to choose between one of them, which one would you opt for? Before making up your mind, you have to consider all the factors since there are pros and cons for both computing devices. […]


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Keys For Successful Translation

Translation may seem to be an easy job but it is actually quite an arduous task. Before giving you the main keys to be successful at it, you better know that translating has its own vocabulary. To begin, you should know that translation consists of transcribing an original text, which is known as the source […]


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Il business ha bisogno dell’Inglese

Al giorno d’oggi il business riguarda ogni contesto della vita. Possiamo trovarlo ovunque: quando andiamo al supermercato, quando prendiamo l’autobus, quando andiamo al pub, e cosi’ via fino a trovarlo nella piu’ alta carica di lavoro. Il Business e’ Inglese, se le persone vogliono comunicare con il resto del mondo, devono imparare l’Inglese, percio’ se […]


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Business et anglais : une affaire qui marche 

Le monde des affaires fait désormais partie de notre quotidien. Ainsi, que ce soit au supermarché, au pub, dans les transports publics(en commun), ou encore dans les plus hautes sphères, il est omniprésent. Toujours est-il que le monde des affaires et l’anglais vont de pair en ce sens que l’aptitude à parler l’anglais est un […]


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Business needs English

Business today is in every moment of our lives. It’s everywhere: when we go to the supermarket, when we take the bus, when we go to the pub till the highest level of work. Business needs English, if people want to communicate in the whole world, you have to learn English, so, if you want […]


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