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Erasmus: don’t miss the chance

Have you ever heard the saying “Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus”? Probably yes, but you can truly understand what it means only if you have experienced it. Erasmus is a real life-changing opportunity that should not be missed by any student, regardless of the course of study. No matter what your goals and aspirations are, this […]


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Interpretariato: uguale alla traduzione? A quando risale la sua comparsa?

Forse non tutti sono a conoscenza del fatto che la Traduzione e l’Interpretariato non sono uguali. Ma cosa sono realmente e in cosa differiscono? A causa del continuo processo di globalizzazione mondiale, il bisogno di superare le barriere linguistiche rappresenta oggi una priorità per quasi tutti i paesi del mondo. La traduzione e l’interpretariato, tuttavia, […]


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Interpreting: is it the same as Translation? And when did it appear?

Maybe not everyone knows that Translation and Interpreting are not the same thing, but what are they actually? And why are they different? As the World has become more and more globalized, the need to overcome language barriers has come to be a priority for almost every country. However, translation and interpreting were not ‘invented’ […]


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Videogame Marketing – An on-screen competition

With the emerging videogame culture, related start-up businesses that daily upload new free-to-play games or blockbusters are going through hardships to keep up with the competition. Technology keeps going forward within the growing gaming subculture and the release of new platforms became the first communication tool between startups and gamers. The actual market shares are held by French, […]


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Why choose to work in marketing?

  In a world that is constantly changing, where the technology develops relentlessly we cannot afford to “miss the boat” on this matter. Marketing, and mainly digital marketing, is the answer. This is the main reason for which I have chosen this field: I think we must constantly refresh ourselves and anticipate the new trends. […]


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Le marketing digital ou l’avenir ?

Dans un monde en constante évolution dans lequel la technologie se développe sans relâche, nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de “rater le coche” sur le sujet. Le marketing, et plus particulièrement le digital marketing, sont la réponse. C’est la principale raison pour laquelle j’ai choisi ce domaine : je pense que nous devons constamment […]


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Il business ha bisogno dell’Inglese

Al giorno d’oggi il business riguarda ogni contesto della vita. Possiamo trovarlo ovunque: quando andiamo al supermercato, quando prendiamo l’autobus, quando andiamo al pub, e cosi’ via fino a trovarlo nella piu’ alta carica di lavoro. Il Business e’ Inglese, se le persone vogliono comunicare con il resto del mondo, devono imparare l’Inglese, percio’ se […]


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Pourquoi acquérir de l’expérience ?

L’expérience est le processus habituel pour gagner en connaissance ou en compétences en faisant, en voyant ou en éprouvant différentes choses. Aujourd’hui, l’expérience est devenue primordiale dans nos sociétés. Tous nos actes du quotidien se transforment en expérience que l’on acquiert que ce soit sur le plan professionnel ou sur le plan personnel. Dans cet […]


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Why do you have to gain experience ?

Experience is the process of getting knowledge or skills from doing, seeing, or feeling something. Today, the experience has become important in our society. All your everyday actions turned into experience you gain, it could be in your private life or in your everyday life. We are going to see in this article why it […]


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Business et anglais : une affaire qui marche 

Le monde des affaires fait désormais partie de notre quotidien. Ainsi, que ce soit au supermarché, au pub, dans les transports publics(en commun), ou encore dans les plus hautes sphères, il est omniprésent. Toujours est-il que le monde des affaires et l’anglais vont de pair en ce sens que l’aptitude à parler l’anglais est un […]


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