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Vidéaste, un veritable job

  Tourner des vidéos est très simple aujourd’hui. Tout le monde possède un smartphone qui peut supporter des vidéos en HD. Tout le monde peut acheter une caméra reflex qui à des caractéristiques professionnelles à un prix très abordable. Tous ces facteurs donnent l’impression qu’être vidéaste n’est pas un vrai métier, puisqu’ils pensent que tout […]


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Video maker is a real work

Making videos is really simple today. Everybody has a smart phone, which can record HD videos. Everybody can buy a reflex camera, which has professional properties for a very good price. All these things make people tend to think that video maker is not a real work, because they think that everybody can “become” one. But it […]


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Tips from the other side

How to score in a job interview explained by recruiters Every time we have a job interview, we ask ourselves the same question: What do I have to do, so that they take me? Some of us then try to read up on the topic. Others try to remember all the tips our friends and […]


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Far parte di un team in un’azienda di successo

Il lavoro di gruppo consente di garantire qualità e sicurezza nel portare a termine i servizi di un’azienda. Esso rappresenta la base per istituire un’efficace organizzazione e produrre risultati eccellenti. Tuttavia, la chiave per rendere operativo un team è capire quanto esso sia importante. Innanzitutto, è necessario conoscerne i vantaggi: Problem solving: ogni membro del […]


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Working as part of a team for a successful company

Teamwork involves assuring quality and safety when delivering services in a company. It is the base to build an effective organisation and produce excellent results. However, the key to make it operative consists in understanding the importance of being a team. First, it is necessary to know which are the benefits of working as part […]


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