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Como aplicar lo que aprendiste en la escuela en un ámbito profesional

Desde hace años, la educación es transmitida como uno de los valores más importantes. La gente nos dice que tenemos que tener una buena educación y que va a definir nuestras perspectivas en el futuro. Y es verdad, la educación determina nuestras competencias y cualificaciones. Eso nos enseña cómo debemos trabajar y mejorar en nuestra […]


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Πως να ξεπεράσεις τη συστολή σου

Pauline Le Guilloux Κοκκινίζεις, πανικοβάλεσαι, φοβάσαι να μιλήσεις μπροστά σε κοινό, ή ακόμα αδυνατείς να πεις όχι … η συστολή είναι πιθανότατα το πιο κοινή αδυναμία. Η συστολή, σε βαθμό υπερβολικό ισούται με πόνο: ροκανίζει την καθημερινότητα σου και σε κάνει να περνάς δίπλα από τις ευκαιρίες. Πώς να ξεπεράσεις αυτή τη δυσκολία του να […]


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How to overcome your shyness?

Pauline Le Guilloux Blushing, panic, fear of speaking in public, or emotional inability to say no … Shyness is probably the most common weakness. Excessive shyness means pain: it rots your daily life and makes you pass up many opportunities. How to overcome this difficulty of being towards others? Be confident What you need to […]


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Soft skills for your CV

In each business if you want to be hired, you should have, as prerequisite, the technical and professional competences required to the specific field you are applying for. These are called Hard Skills: they are specific, teachable, and they can be defined and measured. Some examples of hard skills are degrees, certificates, proficiency in a […]


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How to apply what you learn in school to a professional environment

Maia Haas From an early age, education is taught as one of the most important value. We are all told that we have to be good educated and that it will define our future perspectives. And that is true: education defines our skills and qualifications. It teaches us how to work and how to improve […]


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The Best Way To Integrate Yourself Into a New Workplace.

Well, you have a new job! But you know that sometimes becoming part of a well-established team isn’t easy. Maybe you are worried about not receiving a warm welcome from your new colleagues. However you have to be self-confident: you are going to start a new job because you passed a selection and you have […]


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