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How business schools attract students

In France, there are hundred of business schools and all of them are expensive. Most of the students have to borrow from the bank to pay school fees. Indeed, for a bachelor, the most affordable school such as TELECOM costs 15.240 euros, but it can go up to 39.500 euros for EM Lyon, one of the most famous business […]


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Comment allier psychologie et marketing ?

Afin de mieux comprendre le consommateur, le secteur marketing de l’entreprise peut étudier son comportement. De ce fait, nous pouvons relier marketing et psychologie. Pour ce faire, il faut essayer de comprendre le comportement d’achat de la clientèle en faisant des sondages. Cependant, cela requiert des connaissances en mathématiques et en statistiques. Il faut essayer […]


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How to use psychology with marketing

To understand the customer, the marketing department can study his behaviour. So, we can link marketing and psychology. The marketing department has to understand the purchasing behaviour by doing surveys about it. But you need mathematical and statistical knowledge in order to do that. You should try to explain this purchasing behaviour to anticipate the success or […]


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