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Les règles d’étiquette dans le monde des affaires : le Royaume-Uni et l’Allemagne

Il y a beaucoup de différences entre l’Allemagne et le Royaume-Uni, mais il y a tout autant de points communs. Même si ces pays ne sont pas si éloignés l’un de l’autre, ils peuvent être, d’une certaine façon, totalement différents, en particulier en ce qui concerne les règles d’étiquette. Le protocole de salutations peut varier […]


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Business etiquette: the UK and Germany

There are many differences between Germany and the UK, but there are just as many similarities. Even though these countries are not that far away from each other, they can be somehow totally different, especially when it comes to business etiquette.   Greeting procedures may vary depending on the circumstances of the meeting: giving a […]


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Plus qu’une simple expérience en entreprise

Internship-UK est une entreprise indépendante située dans le sud de l’Angleterre qui propose une expérience édifiante dans un cadre professionnel de qualité. Cette entreprise vise à proposer un large panel de stages qui, en plus d’être formateurs et enrichissants, sont accessibles à tous. Ainsi, il est possible de décrocher différents stages de formation dans un […]


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Cinque passi per sentirsi soddisfatto a lavoro

Secondo la fonte PyMes, noi trascorriamo più del 30 % delle nostre vite a lavoro. Di conseguenza, l’opinione che abbiamo di quest’ultimo è un importante fattore che determina la nostra felicità. In questo articolo prenderemo in considerazione alcuni fattori che aiutano a sentirsi più soddisfatti con il proprio lavoro. Il primo passo che devi intraprendere […]


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Much more than just a simple work experience

Internship-UK, together with Ltd, deals with internships in IT, Media, Marketing CRM, Translation, and Recruitment. The main office is in a little town in south-east England called New Romney. It is the perfect place to find a working experience and update your CV. Thanks to a traineeship in this company, you will have many […]


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Why do an internship ?

Internships provide a link between academic learning and professional employment. It is recommended that students try out several internships to be able to get a sense of what working in a particular career field is like. You will need to make yourself stand out among others in a highly competitive job market because employers prefer […]


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Tus objetivos para hacer prácticas

Daniel Jimenez Cuando estás aplicando para unas prácticas en una empresa, debes conocer tus objetivos o metas, porque en la mayoría de los casos, vas a trabajar sin recibir un sueldo y en algunos vas incluso a pagar para trabajar. A pesar de que este tipo de situación no es fácil de gestionar, si conoces […]


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Cómo crear mensajes dirigidos cuando escribas tu CV

by Elisa Montagni Una búsqueda de trabajo exitosa exige una buena planificación y organización. Quizás crees que estás preparado para buscar a empleadores y una trayectoria profesional, crear redes con todos los contactos de interés y enviar cartas de prospección. Pero el primer paso es ser consciente de tu experiencia laboral completa, además de tus […]


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10 επιλογές μετά το Πανεπιστήμιο

Πριν πας στο Πανεπιστήμιο, όλοι μιλούν για τη σημαντικότητα αυτής της απόφασης και προσπαθούν να σου δείξουν τον καλύτερο τρόπο για να πετύχεις. Το πρόβλημα ξεκινά όταν αυτός ο κύκλος της ζωή σου κλείνει και δεν έχεις ιδέα πως να προχωρήσεις στο επόμενο βήμα. Κάπου εκεί είναι που χάνεσαι για λίγο και νιώθεις ότι βρίσκεσαι […]


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10 options when you finish University

Before going to University, everybody talks about the importance of this decision and try to show you the best way to succeed. The problem is when this circle of your life is finally closed and you have no idea how to proceed to the next step. There, you find yourself a little bit lost and […]


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