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Real Time Marketing

Definition The term “Real Time Marketing” appeared first in 2005, but it only started to be a trend in 2007, and it suddenly increased in 2013. That is because Real Time Marketing is closely connected with social media and their expansion, which happened in the aforementioned time frame. So, what exactly is Real Time Marketing? It is a […]


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Journalisme 2.0

Á l’heure actuelle, nous sommes complétement submergé par un flot continu d’informations. On les reçoit grâce à différents médias (internet, journaux, radio, téléphone portable, télévision, etc) et dans différents endroits (dans le train, le bus, la voiture, à la gare, dans un restaurant, etc). Nous avons la possibilité d’accéder en permanence aux informations du monde entier. Le travail du […]


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Journalism 2.0

Today, people are completely overwhelmed by a lot of information.You can receive these informations trough many ways: web, newspaper, radio, mobile phone, TV, etc., and in many different places: on the train, on the bus, at work, in a restaurant, in the station, etc. People are always connected with the world’s events in a real time. Communication has now […]


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