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Luxury Industry and Social Media: Beyond Illusory Contradiction

The Context The world of media communication has dramatically changed over the last few years, involving both individuals and businesses. Traditional media, which main feature is to be offline, have seen their role of informative communication channels challenged by the rise of the Internet and all the subsequent tools from it thanks to the technological advancements in this particular […]


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Videogame Marketing – An on-screen competition

With the emerging videogame culture, related start-up businesses that daily upload new free-to-play games or blockbusters are going through hardships to keep up with the competition. Technology keeps going forward within the growing gaming subculture and the release of new platforms became the first communication tool between startups and gamers. The actual market shares are held by French, […]


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AC Milan membership

  Football has completely changed throughout the last decades, it is using marketing, advertising or merchandising techniques now more than ever. Over the last few years, the roles of professional managers or market analysts are becoming increasingly decisive. Indeed, they are working in order to foster new ideas and  concepts to attract more fans in […]


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Celebrity Advertising

Nowadays, in a lot of commercials, you can see someone famous promote a product. Take for example the well-known brand L’Oréal. The latter chose Eva Longoria to promote its mascara, asking her to say the famous quote “Because you’re worth it” which everybody has heard at least once in their life. Liam Neeson unexpectedly appeared […]


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La historia de Marketing Guerrilla

Guerrilla es un término que salio a la luz en 1984 por Jay Conrad Levinson, que escribió un libro “Guerrilla Markteting, Secretos para hacer grandes ganancias de una empresa: Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business” Conjunto de estrategias de marketing en medios no convencionales que consiguen su objetivo con la implantacion de […]


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