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Studying Spanish? Mañana, mañana

I wanted to learn Spanish, and what better way to do it than to study the foreign language in its country of origin itself. I wanted to chose a big city with a lot of young people thus Barcelona looked like the right place to go.

The journey was exciting and to my surprise, went very well. When I arrived at Barcelona Airport, everything went ahead as planned. It was very easy for me not to get lost. I collected my luggage, left the airport and luckily there was no queue for the taxis, so I was able to take one immediately. I gave the driver the address and he took me right there, it was a 30 minute drive and not expensive at all!

There I was, standing in front of my “university” and apartment. I had informed people I would arrive that day, yet there was nobody there to greet me. The Spanish culture says “mañana, mañana”, which means: what we don’t do today can also be done tomorrow. Time is not important for them. I learnt this there, standing all alone with my luggage in front of a closed building. Fortunately for me I only had to wait 20 minutes before they came. When you are travelling to Spain, the “mañana, mañana” culture is definitely something you should take into account.

Studying and living with people of your own age in a city like Barcelona is incredible. I had to go to class 5 hours a day and the rest of the time I visited amazing places with my classmates, such as: Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Picasso Museum (which is free on Sundays from 3 pm!), the harbour and of course I did a lot of shopping. Learning Spanish when everyone speaks a different form of Spanish is pretty difficult. The population of Barcelona speaks Catalan which is very different from standard Spanish. When I tried out my first Spanish words in a supermarket they acted like they could not understand me, until I stopped trying and began to speak in English. It has something to do with pride I guess. If you want to learn Spanish, it is maybe a better idea to go to a place in Spain where they don’t speak a specific dialect so that you can practise outside of the classroom as well.

One of the most incredible things that I did during my time in Barcelona was visiting Plaza de España and of course the fountain show. The fountain show consists of a magic fountain with a spectacular display of colour, light, motion and music. I found the show breathtaking. It was so beautiful that I decided to watch it twice in the same night! The first time I took photos and the second time I simply enjoyed it to the fullest. There is beauty everywhere, and the music really makes the fountain come to live. I was there with my friends but it probably would be a very romantic thing to do as to visit this show with your partner. And the best part is that the whole show is for free, and there is enough space to find the perfect spot to experience this amazing show.

I would advise everybody that wants to learn a foreign language to do it in a country speaking that language. The experience is amazing, you meet a lot of great people and you pick up the language much faster than you would do in your home university.

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