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Starting a new period of life – my arrival in New Romney

How would it be to travel the first time alone? Would it be easy to get from the airport to

New Romney (UK)? How would the internship and especially the people be? Would I miss my family and

friends? When I started my journey on Monday, 5th January, from Stuttgart Airport (Germany), I was

really worried about all this stuff. Now, two days later, I am no longer worried. With this

article, I want to calm you down if you consider an internship but still have concerns about the

journey and your daily life here.

First of all, travelling alone is not a problem as long as you speak the language, so that you can

ask people if you do not know where to go or how to act. My experience was that British people are

very polite and do not leave you until they are sure that you finally know what you have to do.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that it was easy to get from London-Heathrow to New Romney,although

it was a four-hour journey. When I arrived at the bus stop, one of the team members picked me up

and showed me all the important things. After moving into my room, I met the other interns.The

interns are really nice and incorporated me from the beginning. I was excited that they are from so

many different countries. We do not only work and have workshops together but also have lunch and

make tea­time as well. There is also an event calender indicating the birthdays, different trips or

events which will occur. So you will not get bored and you will get distracted from missing your

family and friends. Nevertheless, it is important to stay in contact with them as they want to

share the experiences you made and help you to get through bad times. The first working day started

with explanations about the company and the tasks. They were followed by quizzes on different

topics. Sometimes they were easy to answer, sometimes you had to repeat the quiz again and again.

After finishing them, writing articles was my new task as well as doing SEO (search engine


So as you can see, there is no reason to be afraid. Just relax and enjoy this new period of life! I

am sure that I will never forget the time here and that the internship and the life with people

from other countries will change your life significantly.


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