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Some advice for new interns

In Internship-UK, there is a very big rota with interns. When some interns leave the company at the end of their internship, others come and try to fit in the same environment. But sometimes, it is difficult for them because old interns are used to do some stuff, have their own habits and speak most of the time with the people they know.

Even during working hours, it is difficult to know what you have to do, when you first come into the company.

This is why it is essential to welcome new interns, by explaining to them a lot of things.

For example, when you arrive, the manager of your department has to explain you how to log in to your account and which quizzes you have to take, before start working.

That is also why Cheryl organize several workshops, which most of the times are activities we do in groups in order to help improving our English. It also helps people to socialize with the others so it is a great opportunity for the new interns. During lunch time, you have to eat with people from all departments, and this can help you communicate with others interns.

You do not have to forget that interns will always help you if you are in trouble and will be really happy to deal with your problems, so do not hesitate to ask them when you do not understand something.

There are a lot of opportunities for new interns to socialize, especially throughout the cooking time. Usually, you are in a team of three people and you cook together during the morning, so you will obviously communicate at this moment. You have 4 hours to prepare the lunch.

You can also try to get to know your colleagues outside the office as you will probably live with other interns during your stay, and you will probably share a lot of moments together.

To conclude, we can say that new interns do not have to be nervous if they will fit or not in the company, because here there are a lot of opportunities to help them to meet and share things with new people. You just need time to adapt completely to the company. Just enjoy the time you will spend here!

Margaux Manhaudier

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