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Social networks


Since the Internet has grown famous, it has helped in seeking and sharing information easily and in a new way that had never been used before. Thus, social network sites (SNS) have been created to offer a virtual communication.

Social networks are completely anchored in nowadays’ society. The 21th century has been the most important century as regards new technologies and technology improvements. In the longest range, people are used to evolve in an environment where all elements are linked to networks. Nowadays, the relation between technology and human is increasingly strong, almost everyone is aware of the social networks.

Today, almost all the students have a digital social life, with facebook being the most popular website. Actually, this is the second most visited website after Google. Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it was the first website to promote the idea of creating a personal online profile with text, pictures, videos and the potential to add friends. Then, Zuckerberg thought about creating online communities by gathering all the friends you might have, by sending messages, by commenting onto pictures or even by “liking” them.

It was so successful that even today, it remains the most used social network. In the meantime, of course, many others have been created: My Space, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.

Beside the personal aspects, social networks can also be used for professional matters. Indeed, LindeIn or Viadeo are professional networks, that enable you to have a professional profile and meet or stay in touch with people with whom you have a business-related relationship.

The idea of knowing how to use the social networks can be seen as an advantage. It is commonly used for advertising purposes. That is also what Facebook is famous for: creating groups, pages or events and turning it into an attractive ad that anyone can see and might be interested in.

Clearly, thanks to social network websites, all the users can share information about their lives, meet people or publish things. It also enables the communication between people who live in different countries, as it grants them a free and easy access to contact each other anywhere and at anytime. It offers people the opportunity to keep in touch with their friends, their family or their colleagues.

Finally, social networks have experienced a huge evolution. A lot of websites have been created during the last few years and keep gaining a great success regarding both personal and professional matters.

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