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Social media

Advertising was never so hard

Social media are used everyday by thousands of people. What for? Posting pictures of their food? Of themselves with their pets? Writing stories about their experiences?

In the past years, advertising shifted from its original paper form to today’s most used tool: digital information. However, even if advertisement boards on road sides are still used for ads, it still appears that television is a better and faster way to communicate and also to create demand without being a nuisance to the customer. Television is used for advertising since its debut in 1951 in France, with global information program, and in 1955 on the English ITV network channel. The first paid official television advertisement was broadcast in the United States on July 1, 1941 over New York station WNBT.

Today, as technology keeps improving and transforms our way of purchasing goods, information channels are innovating to reach and value the consumer. The question is: how to adapt strategies to the on-screen media?

Social networks

Facebook is the first social media for the users from 12 to 30. The aim of social networks is to bring people together, so they share and create communities around the world–the first community was a group of university students. Today, Facebook is in charge of millions of data resources on people and on their life. Every social network is able to use tools to target people through their account and to see the trend line. Sharing information about a new product or an event is now fast and affordable.

An important point that marketers have to keep in mind is consistency. In marketing, it means that even if companies are running after the newest product or innovation to improve their products, there is still an exchange between the customer and the seller.


Surveys have shown that social media and networks are almost leading the screen competition with approximately 7 hours spent monthly on Facebook and millions of tweets shared daily. Consumers are watching television three to four hours per day, and sometimes they’re on social networks at the same time. However, the average American spends 30 hours per week in front of the television, and only 18 hours on the Internet. Television is still the most used advertising tool since it can reach every age group all day long.

However, this tool is one of the most expensive since commercials have to be repeatedly aired before reaching the consumer. Planning the launch carefully and creating an attention-catching is very important.

The assets of commercials is that they get at least 15 seconds of attention and can use a plot to attract consumers. Once companies have made their commercial, they can focus on your social network activity and target more precisely.

The purpose is not to tell which is better between social networks or television, but to understand how they work together and how people are classified into groups. Although television is older and more used than social networks, which are faster and viral, both are working together. Think of what strikes you in a catchy commercial about something you’re interested in…

The social engagement towards social networks is stronger than it was in the past years. What is the place of identity in this massive commercial that is on our screen?

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  • Virginie says:

    There are also many reasons not to post on the social media ! For example, the fact that people usually use social media to post things about their privacy !

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