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Real Time Marketing


The term “Real Time Marketing” appeared first in 2005, but it only started to be a trend in 2007, and it suddenly increased in 2013. That is because Real Time Marketing is closely connected with social media and their expansion, which happened in the aforementioned time frame. So, what exactly is Real Time Marketing? It is a fairly recent marketing practice which entails an immediate, engaging response from the firm towards its customers based on real time information about breaking news or other events that impact society in some ways.

How it is used

Usually, other than fast, Real Time Marketing responses on social media are delivered in a humorous and clever way, with the aim to entertain and engage the customer. Another key element is personalization: this kind of communication must be handled in a way that encompasses both the firm and the event taken into consideration, so that the content that is produced is not out of place or completely incoherent. For example, what the firm does needs to have some degree of correlation to the event that is being commented, otherwise the resulting message will be perceived in the best case confusing, in the worst case cheesy or even cringe-worthy, and therefore detrimental for the firm.

Why it is important

The technological evolution and spreading of social media have allowed an unprecedented level of effectiveness in terms of customization of the message and responsiveness to what happens around the world. Feedback is constant, while the amount of data which can be easily extrapolated from the social media followers is huge. That means that a message, coded and structured in a strategic way, can become very effective at leaving a good impression on the customer, who will consequently be much more easily persuaded to use services and products offered by that company. The typical customer attention span is very short on social media (all you have is few seconds to focus the attention on you), so a fast delivered condensed message is necessary to effectively reach the customer in this kind of online environment. 

What it lacks

The main drawback of Real Time Marketing is not doing much for what is considered the main function of the brand: differentiating the company from its competition. Another critical point is managing to add actual value to the customer, which is even more difficult to do in the long term. A way to do this is going beyond the simple humour and offering something else in addition, depending on the business of the company.

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  • Virginie says:

    This article is very interesting because i didn’t know the existence of this word. In fact I knew the existence of these practices that are accurate to our companies and the society but I didn’t know that there is a concept to explain that !

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