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Put your cooking skills in practice also in the office environment

Do you enjoy cooking? How about baking? Or maybe you have some other talent in the kitchen or you’re a master in peeling? If so then you are happy to know that in the Internship-UK New Romney office we cook on a daily basis. This does not mean that the same people will be in the kitchen day after another but everyone who wishes so has the chance to show their talent in the kitchen.

Every day in the office you are provided a healthy meal at lunch cooked by who else than our lovely interns. The menu of the week is planned ahead to avoid eating similar food many days in a row. Also on one of the days we eat only fish. For each day there is a pointed cooking leader who is responsible for the menu but usually talks with their team to plan the whole meal. The meal mostly consists of a salad, (starter,) main course and a dessert.

Not only you get to cook with people from different countries but you also get to taste delicious food from different cultures. You might even find your new favourite dish which you can then cook to your family and friends when you go back home.

Cooking for yourself only can be very boring but when you have other 30 people to cook to and to impress you want to do your best and the nice words and the gratitude from others makes the cooking experience even richer. Cooking also allows you to take your mind of the work for a moment so you can return in front of your computer more relaxed and productive.

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