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Professional network, I need it!

Many people know what is a social network because they use it in everyday life whereas only few people really know what is a professional network and use it less often.

These kinds of networks are becoming more and more important in the professional world because, thanks to them, you are able to get some opportunities such as a new available job in a company where you want to work, the occasion to launch a start up or to get a professional training and many more advantages…

So one of the best way to get professional connections is with networks like Viadeo, LinkedIn or same other websites. But we can do it with social websites too on Twitter or Facebook

It’s very easy to get a professional network by using specialized websites like LinkedIn or XING, because everyone who uses these sites want to build his own network and it’s more easy to do it with the different tools you can find on these websites. For example on LinkedIn, you need to make a professional profile, then you can share your ideas with people and look for what you want. You have a lot of useful tools to help improving your profile and increasing your network such as your interests (which companies? which group?…) your education (what is your background?) and your connections (with which kind of people are you connected) … You have a lot of job offers in secondary and tertiary sectors.

XING is a similar platform which includes the similar tools (job offers, groups, news, interests) and an additional one called “events”. With it, you can plan or take part in events (conferences, meetings, forums…) where you can meet a lot of people and share directly with professionals, it’s a really nice new approach.

The other way to make a professional network is with online social networking on Facebook or Twitter. It’s possible to use a social media to increase your network even if you don’t have the same tools to help you as in Viadeo or XING… The first thing to do is to check your profile, and be sure it is clean and professional, you have to know that putting pictures of you at parties is inappropriate. Many companies use the networks to share a lot of things about them like news, events, job offers and many others things.

Having a good profile on social media can help you get hired as more and more companies are active on social and professional networks and need people to take care of it. Sometimes, huge companies have their own social media department. However, they can refuse your application depending on the image you have on your profiles, if your image is not good, it can be a bad beginning for you.

Your presence on professional and social networks is becoming more important to progress in the professional world. So try to improve it as soon as possible and focus on your goals. Keep increasing your professional network thanks to specialized websites or other ones. However, being on these websites will not get you hired more quickly, it’s above all a way to create opportunities for future jobs. You have to be able to seize them thanks to a good professional network.

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