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Science tells us that the planet is moving in cycles and so is our politics. In Europe we have passed from a period of relative calmness for decades to a banking crisis that we are still trying to get over with and, in the top of that, we have just found ourselves with an urgent ideology segregation in the last recent years. After the Second World War we thought that we learnt the lesson and that this conflict of ideologies was gone away forever, but we could not be more far from the truth. A myriad of movies has been made about the Nazism in which we, either, could mock it or take it seriously to deepen in some of the values that we desperately always and, specially now, need. For instance, a movie called The Wave once raised a simple question: could another regime similar to that of the Nazi be possible? This film that was made in 2008 didn’t have to wait so long for its answer.

A series of violent events are worrying those that pray for the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. This reality is in every single country in one form or another, we are not safe from this kind of aggressions and intolerance anymore. Ayn Rand once cleverly said “We can ignore reality but we can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”. Ignorance brings populism which is the art of convincing the population under false pretenses that someone or some particular group is the only one that has the solution to the secular vicissitudes. Populists usually deploy a palatable and persuasive rhetoric with the intention to reach the majority of the population, usually hardly educated, a sector of the population that is susceptible of this kind of messages and in which arguments of more complex nature would not have any effect. It is not a secret that many leaders are using terror propaganda to accomplish their goals. Hate arguments are simple in composition when arguments defending Universal Rights happen to be complex as they try to explain concepts such globalization and universality.

The rhetoric of xenophobia is being growing throughout many countries in the last years. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “An eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth would lead to a world of the blind and toothless”. Countries are suffering dire divisions between those that still believe in multiculturalism and those that see it as a major problem for the stability of their respective countries. One of the principal problems combating racism is that it comes with many different disguises. And the other is the difficulty that these people have trying to understand that a country doesn’t survive by itself anymore in this globalized world. We need diplomacy and we need it now, we need to not only tolerate other cultures but also to learn from them. Much to our surprise, hate speeches are echoing all over the countries and is recruiting many zealots into discriminatory formations.

It is true that politics has been losing importance in the last decades due, for one, to the exponential developing and diversification of entertainment and also due to the brainwashing that government leaders have been carrying on through TV. On the other hand, we are sort of accustomed to it, many don’t trust press anymore, fortunately; but paradoxically they would keep consuming it anyway as the new normal and, eventually, they would take those news for the truth, unfortunately. There is a famous and anecdotic line that puts it in another way: “The only way to know the truth nowadays is to listen to comedians or hackers”.

In the long run it is an ocean of news, but this time, thanks to technology that makes truth more reachable than ever before, good news are not that difficult to find, if you really appreciate the truth and are willing to do journalism over journalism. Many are the independent news outlets that are yelling some uncomfortable information about our governments and that happen to find social media as their natural and principal means to spread their outcries. Also, in the very recent years with the advance of the streaming technology now is possible to have instant information of crucial events that happen in the world and that can be filmed for anyone with a phone. As a conclusion, the internet and technology are helping journalism to reach the truth in multiple ways when government leaders are struggling to stop it and there is no question that the internet is a noisy place in which everybody is able to speak, but who gets heard?

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