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My university experience

Ever since my first year of high school, I was set on going to University to learn more about the English language. My teachers wanted me to do short studies such as get a diploma in two years and then finding work. But none of the subjects in those fields interested me. I was in a ES class (Economics and social studies) , but I did not care much about these subjects. My intent was to study English.

After receiving my high school diploma, not without some difficulties along the way, I entered the University of Western Brittany (Université de Bretagne Occidentale in French) in Brest, France. It was quite difficult to adapt at first, I did not know many people and the timetables were very irregular compared to my high school. Working only one hour in the morning, but four in the afternoon and then the next day not having class at all can be exhausting very quickly. Furthermore, during my first semester I was living 30 km from the university, so driving for around half an hour for only one hour in class was tiring. Fortunately, I easily found an apartment near it so I was less troubled on that point.

My formation is called LLCE (letters, languages and foreign civilizations). I chose English as main language and Japanese as second language but that was a huge mistake on my part because it was too difficult for me and I quickly found out that I did not have the patience to learn a language without the same writing style as French or English. All my other classes were in English and I had to study linguistics, phonetics, civilization (both British and American) and literature. The classes are divided in two types : lectures and tutorial classes. The lectures are complemented by the tutorials during which the students are divided into groups and work under the guidance of a teacher. The tutorials resemble high school classes so it is not hard to adapt to those. Some lectures might be difficult to follow at first, but once you get used to taking notes it becomes easier.

This field also incites students to go study or get an internship abroad. It has become mandatory for students to go a few weeks in an English speaking country. They have to find their internship and lodging on their own which can be quite problematic but it teaches them how to be autonomous.

In conclusion for this article on my university experience, I will say that the last three years in this education program were the best between all my school days. I met great people and made great friends. I also studied and learned about a subject I am interested in since primary school. If everything goes smoothly, this year I will get my bachelor degree and in two years I will have my master’s degree. Hopefully I will find a job not long after that but there is still some ways to go.

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