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36 is not too old for an internship

My name is Eleni and I am studying Business Administration at the Open University of Cyprus. At Internship UK I am working as a project manager in the Marketing Department. ‘’People here make things simple’’ said my new Portuguese house mate and she is right.

An internship here is the perfect step after University and before moving on into the job market, because it links your studies with the job market and gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge that you gained from your studies and your life in general in a working environment. In my opinion, it is a very good practise for graduated people before they involve in the tough world of employment.

Working in the department that you are interested in, like project management, recruitment, human resources, accounting, marketing or customer service, gives you the opportunity to learn about the working conditions, how to respect the rules of the company, how to manage a team, to take responsibilities, to organize your time, to work alone or within a team and how to overcome the obstacles that always appear in your life. But the most important are two the principles that I think represent the philosophy of this company: “communication skills” and “positive mental attitude”. Workshops help you to improve your communication skills and to learn how you can ‘’sell’’ yourself in job interviews.

When I applied for this internship I did not expect that I would earn all these unique experiences. I am 36 years old and I have already a lot of years of work experience, a wonderful family and two degrees, but here I learn more and earn more for myself every day.

I am having a good time with interns from different nationalities, personalities, cultures and I have not only improved my English, but I also took so many things from them that definitely will follow me for the rest of my life.

Being away from your family is difficult, but having another one in New Romney helped me to go on with my project and reach my goals. Every night when we skype, my daughter asks me about my adorable Spanish, Italian and French house mates.

As an intern, I am improving my CV having 6 months working experience in a multilingual company and as a mother, if my children want to have an internship in the future, I know where I can send them!


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