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My marketing internship in New Romney

I’m doing my internship at the company “Traveltura” in the marketing department. Marketing is one of the main subjects in my study programme.

I come from Germany and study at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. I have chosen an internship in New Romney, because the town is located close to the sea.

Working in this company offers a great chance to improve our skills in English language. Through English workshops and communicating with other interns and employees we are able to achieve this goal. Moreover, we are able to participate in communication workshops which are useful to get feedbacks on our skills. During the workshops I discuss with my colleagues and learn more about different cultures, their values and ways of thinking.

During my work in the marketing department I develop ideas and strategies to create creative websites to offer a set of hotels around the world. I also work in a link exchange project in order to improve the popularity of the “Traveltura” website. As an intern at “Traveltura” I have the opportunities to get more insights also in the other departments. Besides the marketing department, they have translation, customer relationship management, IT, recruitment and media departments. To increase the brand awareness of our company and to improve the reputation we have the possibility to make videos to upload them on “Youtube”.

After the work I have the possibility to play table tennis or pool. Moreover, we have the opportunity to watch movies on a big flat screen TVs. A large range of different movies are available. On the weekends we have the opportunity to organize a trip by bus to visit London or other surrounding cities. The high speed bus is one of the cheapest solutions to visit London and other cities like Brighton. The nearest city is Folkestone, which has a wide range of shopping possibilities. Furthermore, we can visit Dover, which is famous for the White Cliffs and the Dover Castle.

The biggest attraction of New Romney is the railway from New Romney to Hythe via Dymchurch. New Romney is a small traditional English town that invites you to relax for hours at the seaside after a working day. I live in the biggest accommodation which is offered by our company sharing the house with about 15 other people from around the Europe. The house is located next to the sea and has a pool table, a big flat screen, a fitness room, a large living room and a garden where we can barbecue or just enjoy our day or evening when the weather is nice.

– Julian, 25, Germany

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