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My first weekend!

For my first weekend in New Romney, a dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Folkestone was organised. I was happy to go and enjoyed it a lot.

Folkestone is located about 25 km from New Romney, so to go there I had to take the bus. It took about 50 minutes, so I had the time to enjoy the landscape with a perfect weather. I forgot to mention that it was a double decker bus typical for England, so of course I was upstairs in the front of the bus, the perfect place for a long trip.

Once I arrived in Folkestone, the first thing I did was to go to Primark: The PARADISE for every girl. I am sure, I met almost half of the interns of Studio Solution in the store and everyone had many articles in their shopping bag.

Everything is cheap but I still spent a lot of money because I wanted to take everything I saw in the shop! I kept thinking: “Wow nice, not expensive, I’ll take it”, but you do the same for all the articles in the shop and it is not possible to buy everything.

Also, you easily spend 2 hours inside since the store is so big, and I was going around all of it to make sure I saw everything.

At the end, I finished with two bags filled with things. And happy. After Primark I had no time left to go to another shop, because I shopped so much and the stores were already closing.

Before going to the Chinese restaurant, I met some interns and we went to have a coffee.

Then came the time to eat dinner, and when we arrived in the Chinese Restaurant we were more than twenty interns. We had a room just for us because the restaurant was small, moreover everyone came with bags from Primark. It was very crowded with us and all the bags, but eventually we found some space. The dinner was a delight and we finished the night with a karaoke. It was a lot of fun, everyone was participating and we sang many songs all together.

It was a perfect sunny day spent with friends, and if I could do the same again, I would.

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