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Music and marketing can work together ?

Before explaining how music and marketing can work together it is important to give a definition for both of them.

Music can be defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Music is a good way to influence people’s thoughts, mood and understanding, often without them noticing. It’s been used in restaurants and bars for centuries. But there are not the only ones.As you know music has an effect on our brain, especially concerning our memory. Some companies such as Apple have quickly understood the usefulness to put some recognisable music in their ad.

It’s an effective way to create an identity for the customer and to remind them of your brand. Nowadays everyone knows when they hear the music ad of Apple that it is Apple who made it. When you are searching a name for your company you have to find something for it to stay in your head. It is the same thing for a ringtone. Music is at the core of the identity of a company. So it is really important to define what kind of company it is, and to choose the best one. It could have a real positive impact on the customers when they are going to listen the music chosen.

From my point of view it is really important for the marketing strategies of the brand to find a music in order to have a real identity. Moreover the simple act of switching on music can increase footfall, motivate your staff and encourage customers to spend more money. Music creates a memory, such as Apple and Coca Cola have chosen good songs to create a memory with their customers. The goal of the song is likely to keep positive emotions associated with the brand name.

I think that music has a positive effect in business for the customer and the company spirit because it’s a good way to increase the productivity and the sells for the customer. As we saw previously there is a link between marketing and music, indeed both are connected because their goal are the same.

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3 thoughts on “Music and marketing can work together ?
  • Richard Bergson says:

    Yes of course Marketing and Music can be a very good match. As music is the expression of creativity, marketing follows the same logic.

  • Scarlett Smith says:

    Very interesting and well written article, the topic is well chosen! Music can really boost your sales when used in your shop or advertising area. Moreover it is an important peace of work to study your target and adapt your music to it, as part of your communication. However, I think it is important to nuance the article by saying that for web marketing, it is delicate to use music as it is discouraged to put music on a website to advertise it.

  • Your idea Music and marketing can work together is so cool.

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