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Moving Out From Home

It is your final year of high school. The final exams are near and one of many things you are thinking about is: What next? There are so many different things to do after graduating from high school. Whether you decide to go to college, to do an internship in a foreign country or to travel the world. Either way, all those decisions have one thing in common. You will be moving out from home. Many adolescents are afraid of standing on their own feet and caring for themselves. What are the aspects to consider and the risks to be aware of?

First of all, moving out is not as terrible and frightening as it seems. Your parents should have given you the right education and taught you many things in order to do things by yourself. You are not supposed to be a 5 star cook, but you should be able at least to cook a few meals. Usually if you go to college for example, your parents will give you money for food, habitation and other things. This is the moment when you begin to manage your money properly. You have a certain amount each month, which forces you to learn how to spend your money wisely. You cannot go shopping every month and spend about £ 200.00 for example, if your parents give you £ 300.00 a month. Spend your money wisely and try to cook as much as possible, because this is the way to save the most money. Of course nobody forbids you to go out on the weekend and have a great time with some friends, but you have to know what you can afford and act accordingly.

Another thing you have to be aware of is, that you will have to clean your apartment or room, if you live in a shared flat. You would not believe how many adolescents are not able to clean a room or furniture in general. In today’s society we have a big issue concerning education. Parents do not teach their children basic skills such as cooking and cleaning anymore. And when the moment comes, when the children grow up and move out of home, they are unprepared. So if you are a young person reading this and you feel like you are not able to do the simplest things at home, try to involve yourself in everyday’s tasks. You can start with vacuum cleaning, tidying up your room or helping your parents at cooking. It will also make them very happy to see that you are willing to learn and do something on your own and take initiatives.

To sum up, moving out is a big step in everyone’s life. If you are lucky, you will have parents who teach you everything you need to know in order to be independent. Otherwise it is your task to insert yourself in the cleaning and cooking activities at home.


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