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Motives to go to work

Did you ever think about why people actually go to work? There are many motives that make people go to work every day. Every person has his / her own reasons, of course. It depends on the situation you live in. We will mention some of the motives that are common to most of the people.


Most of the time, people go to work to survive. What do I mean by that? You receive a wage from your employer, which will help you to pay for the primary needs of people in general, which are: A roof above your head, food and clothing. For people from the lower class, the meaning of surviving is very hard. We have to take into account that in many big cities, a “small” percentage of the civilisers are the lower class. People already complain about one job, but a lot of people from the lower class group have more than one job. They really need to survive, which is hard to imagine for the higher classes.


Some people don’t know what to do with their time. They choose to go to work to be useful during the day. This motive is mostly explained by people who don’t need to work. If you don’t have an activity to keep you busy, than working would be a good idea. It’s not a good idea to just sit around in the house and don’t have a productive day. People aren’t made to only sit and don’t to anything.


Of course, getting money for doing your job is the most used motive for every person. Some of working people do also some volunteering work or still go to seminaries to learn more. Money is not always a motive to go to work, but most of the time it is. Earning some money can give you more opportunities or it helps you to survive like I’ve already mentioned.

Students’ main motive is Money, and so the parents try to motivate them to work on their own. If they want to have a smartphone, but their parents tell them that they have to work for it, so they have to go to work and get their own experience. But young students don’t really realise that and go to work to save some money for the things they want. Students from the lower class go to work to support their family and to have a chance in education.


Some people do different things at work. They want to increase their knowledge. The time changes, there are new inventions and people are craving to learn more. You can have more opportunities in your life, some people have ambition and want to live the American dream by learning. Eventually, you have to start from scratch, and you do that by learning basic things. Employers rather have someone who already has some knowledge about what they look for.


Artists for instance, they want to turn their passion into their job. Some singers make a lot of money by doing something that they like for instance. It’s also a satisfaction if your work is like a hobby or something you love. It makes your job so much easier to do. So if you are trying to find a job, try to find one which you really like to do. If you are satisfied as an employee you will be motivated. If you are motivated, the employer will want to keep you, because your productivity will be better if you are motivated. Employers aim to improve their company, which will be achieved if their employees are motivated.

There are many more reasons people actually go to work, but these motives are mentioned more often. Within a couple of years there will be new motives added on this subject because everything changes over time, it never remains the same.


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