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Motivation and getting motivated


All life long, people have tests to pass. How many times does one start without finishing ? How many people would like to change their bad habits but do not act like it? How many things have been postponed to the next day ? All those actions depend on only one thing: motivation.
Since life is meant to be lived, the main ability one needs to have is motivation. And if it is already the case, it is then about finding more motivation so as to spread it around.

Motivation can be defined as “a force or an influence in order to accomplish things and also a reason for the actions”.

This is basically what drives an individual to act and makes them feel encouraged.

Motivation can also be seen as a “driving force”: thanks to this power, people can act and change any thing they wish to change in their lives if their will is strong enough. Of course, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude1) has to be abode by.

In order to be motivated, the first step one has to take is to know their precise wishes and desires. Then, it is important to write a list of all the objectives and expectations in order to set it clearly and making sure not to miss anything.

Of course, just imagining the potential result can also be motivational as it can create the desire to reach it. Subsequently, the next question to ask is “how to do it ?”.

The answers can vary according to each person, but there are many books or articles that can help. Additionally, one has to realize what are their strengths and weaknesses in order to have realistic expectations. Afterwards, things have to be done step by step, since it is logical to do what is desired while respecting an evolution process.

Being motivated can also have an impact on one’s life and on the people around. Indeed, an enthusiastic person can become an example to follow. The influence will be positive on the others and it could help them to be as motivated as they are themselves, and then motivate even other people, etc.

For example, it is possible to start with involving family and friends in order to offer a positive lifestyle.

To conclude, motivation is something strong that has a positive effect on people. It helps achieving the necessary things. Sport coaches and school teachers work with this aim in mind. In fact, almost everyone can motivate someone else, the only important thing is to realize it!

1 a concept that refers to an optimistic and positively way of life

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