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Morning tips to have a productive day!

The morning routine is an important ritual for any worker wanting to improve his work-efficiency. Having a well-defined and efficient morning routine will help you plan your day’s goals, have a stress free day and increase your productivity by setting priorities. It is common knowledge that individuals have more willpower in the morning, are more optimistic and ready to tackle challenges, so let’s make the most of our mornings!

To do so, we will give you some tips to improve your morning routine.

Let’s first talk of the morning anticipation. Preparing your morning by planning the things you daily have to do, will help you to be more efficient and loose the less time possible. For example, check the weather forecast and prepare your entire outfit, gather your files, notes, books at the front door and tidy your house during the evening not in the morning. It will only take you 15 to 20 minutes and will make a huge difference on how you will take on your day the next morning.

Now, sleeping. There are a few simple sleeping habits to adopt that will have a tremendous effect on your general well-being. Before going to bed, you should relax yourself. That starts by shutting down any electronic device ½ hour before going to sleep and lower any lights in your house. You can use that time to read a book for example. Make sure to switch on your alarm clock. Going to sleep early but also waking up early are the key elements to master a high-quality sleep. And finally, make sure to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

Exercising during your morning will help you reduce your stress, improve your sleeping time and counteracts the effects of a high-fat diet. Scientists agree on saying that a 7 minutes workout session is enough to start your day; it is short enough not to impact on your morning timing and long enough to shake off the sluggishness from the night. You can easily find workout apps and videos.

Let’s now talk about food. The breakfast is known for being the most important meal of the day so make sure you eat an healthy but also filling breakfast to avoid snacking before the lunch time. A great way to start your day is by drinking a green smoothie which has detoxifying properties. They are the perfect addition to your breakfast because they are cheap, energizing and easy to make. For those of you taking lunch from home to work, here are some tips to help you minimize their preparation. Make sure to plan your meals ahead by preparing them the night before. And to gain more time, why not invest in a programmable coffee pot?

You can also adopt new habits at work to make your days more productive. Planning your work time would be the most important one. You should start your day by planning your daily goals. To do so, pick your “3 daily wins”, which means you decide on 3 things you will accomplish during the following day. It will help you to move forward by the accomplishment of small victories. You should block time in your calendar in order to achieve these wins. Make your daily to do list, plan the time it will take you to fulfil these and then add 33% of time just to be sure. And if the project is spread over several days, break it into specific pieces. When starting your day, make also sure to work on top priority business first. The morning is the ideal moment to focus on it and it will be accomplished before your attention gets caught by external interruptions or other projects. While working, use your breaks to connect with your co-workers. Meet them in the morning for coffee or breakfast because these moments are less disruptive then lunch breaks and more work-oriented than informal meetings. Make also sure to check your emails and read the news during the morning, to be aware of the ongoing events.

Mornings do not always have to be dedicated to your work-life; you can also to take advantage of them to take care of yourself. Working on your personal project during your morning will help you carry on with your day. Your personal project can be anything you wish on improving on; gardening, reading, writing,.. The meditation can also be a great tool to help you disconnect your mind of your environment and centre yourself through the rush of the day. It can be as simple as breathing exercise or repeating a mantra for example. You can have these mediation sessions at different moments of your day; for example, use 15 minutes after lunch to refocus on your day and planning your afternoon while staying away from your desk and computer. Another exercise that can help you make the most of your day is writing down before going to work what you are grateful for, it will help you start your day in a good mood.

Finally, spending time with your family and spouses is not always easy after a long day of work. Mornings can be the perfect time to connect with your loved ones.

To sum up, we can all agree that the way your morning is going on will impact your entire day productivity. Taking simple daily habits to make the most of them will help you to be more efficient, feel more comfortable at work but also at home.

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