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Methods to get a job abroad

For many people, travelling and moving abroad is one of the most important goal. But it is not as easy as it seems to be. Moving abroad is a real challenge and then finding and getting a job abroad can make your adaptation more difficult. But don’t worry, despite all the regulatory proceedings, visas, work permit and so on, it will be worth it.

First, remember that one of your most important strength is that you are a foreign worker with different education, skills and culture. Even if you are facing problems in the country you are, your experience and personal enrichment will improve anyway. You will learn not only new values but it will allow you to set long-term relationships and to improve your communication skills. Working in another country, rather than just visiting it, is the best way to truly become a part of that culture and to embrace every aspect of it.

However, getting a job abroad remains difficult. Here are the main pieces of advice and methods that I can give you to find a job:

Step 1 – Find a position. Most of the time, people tend to look for inappropriate jobs. Think about your skills and abilities and look at job offers. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find job offers because all the countries work differently. Some of them would rather use newspapers than Internet. The main point here is to figure out where to look for the job offers, depending on the country you are interested in. A good way to find a job is to create an account on social networks as Linkedin or Facebook for example. These are used at international level and recruiters are always looking for new profiles. Pay attention to websites as Craiglist or governments’ websites which can be really useful.

Step 2 – Send an application that suits your destination country. Pay attention to the format and content of your CV and cover letter. They are different from a country to another. Do some research to be sure that you are not doing it wrong. Don’t forget to mention where you can be contacted directly. This involves phone number (with the right format depending of the format of the country where you are applying), address, email address and if it is possible your Skype account. Highlight your positive points in your cover letter and explain why you are the most suitable applicant for this position. For a recruiter, hiring a foreign worker is a risk so try to be convincing in your initiative.

Step 3 – Go through the visa process. The most difficult part is yet to come. You have the job but now you have to be sure that you can work in the country of your choice. The first thing to do is asking for information. As visas and work permits require time and money, make sure that you will be in time. Moreover, your passport must be up-to-date and you might have to visit the embassy for an interview. Being aware of all theses procedures is really important to work in another country.

Step 4 – Make your dreams come true. Working abroad seems to be very difficult at first and it is a long and difficult process. If you are determined and patient, it will be the key to your success. Once you’re there you will have to adapt yourself. Don’t forget that you will always learn from the others. Go through this process with confidence and don’t be afraid. This is certainly the best opportunity that you will have in your life.

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