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Marketing in fashion system

Over the last years, in everything we do or  see, we hear the word Marketing. But what is it? We know that Marketing is all what concerns the promotion and the selling of products or services, but why is it so important? Because it is essential if you want to sell your product. The management process includes the identification, the selection and the development of the product; the determination of the price; the selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer`s place and the development and implementation of a promotional strategy. So we find it in every area we deal with.

 If you use the right management tools, your creation will surely have success. For this reason, all the most important and famous companies usea specific strategy to improve their sales. In the fashion system too, there is an important relationship between marketing and industry. Every design needs a marketing campaign. In fact, the only way to reach a big range of customers is through advertisements, such as magazine ads, television publicity, internet ads, and so on. The main idea that designers consider when it comes to their marketing campaign, is to be appealing to the demand of consumers. The advertisements are aimed at pleasing the desires of their consumers. Concentrating on current trends is a great way to appeal to someone through a magazine. When a lead reads about a new trend and then sees this in a product designed by your company, he will associate that trend to your product and will go and buy it. When he will buy it and incorporate that object in everyday life and wardrobe, you will have successfully drawn him into your marketing campaign.

  Professionists who work in the fashion marketing examine fashion trends, coordinate sales and promote goods. Successful professionists in the field usually have a blend of business and textiles knowledge, as well as the ability to identify consumers’ behavior and desires. The field of fashion marketing and merchandising covers a wide variety of positions. You could work as a fashion buyer, customer service representative, retail store owner, visual merchandiser, retail manager, manufacturer’s representative, operations manager, marketer, advertiser, and more. The duties will vary accoding to the type of job. One of the most interesting and creative jobs is visual merchandiser. As a visual merchandiser, you would rely on advertising and design knowledge to plan appealing store displays. Through pleasing presentations of goods, you would not only draw customers into a store, but also make their shopping experience more pleasant. Visual merchandisers complete these tasks with the hope to motivate customers to buy and return to the store. As you can see, also for achieving good results in this job, you have to be a creative person and follow marketing strategies.

So, if you want to work in the fashion system or in other fields, keep in mind: marketing is everywhere!


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