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Marketing and Luxury Tourism

It was Greg Velasquez, Marketing Director at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, who created the definition of luxury tourism: “Five star resorts are not that uncommon, now we are talking about space travel and remote encampments under the ancient constellations. It is no longer enough to meet or exceed standards. I think what we all want is to feel the wonder and awe we experienced as children, when our world was new. That is the essence of luxury travel today.”

Luxury tourism is a special kind of tourism, even called niche tourism, that can include many services: luxury 5 star hotel suites and resort all inclusive, cruise ship travels, unique customized tours, private jet journeys and extreme experiences like space journeys or travelling to undiscovered places. The customer has to be cuddled and the experience has to respond his expectations. Nowadays people do not have a lot of free time in order to enjoy it as much as possible. They are willing to pay big amounts of money for their holidays and they are always requesting more. Luxury tourism allows to plan a custom-tailored trip. In fact its prerequisites to achieve success are high quality, exclusivity and uniqueness.

Wealthy people usually make this choice because they want to feel new emotions outside their daily routine. Thanks to the increasing use of social networks like Facebook or Instagram, people can share their experiences and activities with their followers. Thus, they can serve as inspiration to let further potential customers know new and unexplored places in a quick and efficient way.

Marketing is the main instrument of luxury tourism as it allows to take care of the relationships with customers. Companies always have to search for new experiences in a way to encourage the loyal customers to choose their own brand again and to gain new ones. To maintain their image they should take care of their website layout and their advertising campaigns. The competition with other companies is very high since this market is in continuous development. Keeping your customer’s loyalty is the most difficult thing in a little market such as niche tourism. The associations have to invest enormous resources to find partnerships ready to satisfy the public requests.

Concerning the United Kingdom, luxury tourism offers a lot of different experiences in its most typical sites. London is the most attractive city of the UK, but even the rest of the country is full of interesting sites. The companies can take advantage of festivities or famous stories to offer special tours, like the ones concerning 007 or the Monster of Loch Ness, fashion or building itineraries, journeys to the Scottish Highlands and much more.

Another way to benefit from English lands is to offer holidays in the same places where the most important characters of Great Britain have lived. Every year a lot of people visit these places and get charmed by their magnificence. Customers really love this kind of experiences because it is like diving in the past!

The market of niche tourism has a very wide range and there are many companies offering the best tours all over the world. Therefore, you will have the possibility to plan your journey abroad just with one click! If you are looking for an amazing and unforgettable experience, luxury tourism is the way to relax and get out of your daily routine.

Enjoy your journey!

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