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Management internship in England

My name is Anki, I am 23 and I come from Germany. I am a student of International Management, which is an international oriented program, that is completely taught in English. In my previous years I spent much time abroad for work experiences or studying, but England was always the “perfect country” for me. So I was happy to get the choice by Internship-UK to do my internship in Kent on this little charming island.

Gaining work experiences is almost as important as widening your own horizon – therefore I worked for the Erasmus-program for 3 years next to my studies. For me meeting and experiencing different cultures in work environment is almost as important as spending free time together with other people from abroad. It helps the incoming interns to discover themselves, to improve their language skills and increasing their knowledge.

The preparation for England was very easy. I just needed to pack, change money and fly. There was no need for a VISA procedure or getting injections, as travelling in Europe is really simple. Doing my internship in Europe had the advantage for me, that i could start working right after my last exam.

When I arrived here in New Romney it was February and surprisingly less cold than in Germany. When I arrived by cab in charming New Romney I was welcomed by some of the other interns who were really caring for me, gave me tea and helped me with carrying my luggage to the house I would stay in for the next 5 months. All the interns that were living in my house were very welcoming and the first night we spent cooking and eating together. They made me feel welcomed in their small community.

The company is quite special for me as I worked already in several different sectors next to the marketing field. The priority for the people lies in the good communication and living together, so that there is immediately a feeling of connectivity between the interns which gives a feeling of home away from the real home. Everybody is caring for each other, and everybody is trying to connect as we all are in the same situation: abroad, interested and willing to learn and improve. I personally like this atmosphere as it reminds me of my Erasmus time.

The structure of this internship is for me really attractive. The house, where I live with 15 other people at the moment is located directly next to the sea and gives space for 20 people. For me there is nothing more beautiful than to see the sunrise over the sea on your way to work. The rooms are clean and furnished in the typical English style. The house offers twin and single rooms which gives everybody the option to choose what they prefer. The house provides plenty of leisure time equipment like a pool table, fitness equipment and a TV. For me the house is the perfect home away from home.

Also there are several opportunities to travel around Kent. There are public transports leaving directly in front of the office to ensure convenient and, most importantly, cheap travelling to nice places like Canterbury, Folkestone, Eastbourne and London.

Working in this company, which is located in a lovely hotel on the road to the sea in Littlestone in New Romney, is a possibility for everyone who wants to improve both business and social skills. We have the chance to attend to communication workshops that are both entertaining and informative. Also the interns have chances to attend different projects related to their field of internship; in my case marketing and project management. For example we have at the moment the chance to promote Traveltura in Social Networks which is interesting because you have to gain a knowledge about the whole topic and use different marketing strategies to improve the importance of “posts” or “tweets”.

As I am interested in project management and study marketing at my university I was happy that this company is giving interns the possibility to combine different internships. From the second week on I worked as the project manager of the marketing department. For me this work contains both the chance to experience being a leader and improving my social and business skills. The surroundings make it simple but at the same time demanding to achieve improvement. First it is “only” an internship that we are doing, so making mistakes is part of the process of learning. But on the other hand it is a real company we are working in and so project management leads to a certain level of responsibility.

For me going to Kent in South England for my internship abroad was the right choice.  I liked the internship and also to live with so many different cultures in the charming environment of an English village.

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2 thoughts on “Management internship in England
  • Ruth says:

    Management is the field I would like to develop and build my career, so getting an internship in UK, given the fact that I am from Europe, seems as the best way for me. Anki, congrats for the great choice you made:) I’ve visited England few times, but was mainly in London and areas around it, and was really shocked by the high standard of living, so am hoping that life in Kent is much more reasonable.What do you think? I am really interested and amazed at the great experiences you are having and the opportunity to work in the field of marketing as well. I am hoping that you will share some more of your time and impressions, when you get a chance! Cheers!

    • manager_blog_UK says:

      Hallo Ruth :)
      i am really happy that my article was interesting for you :) Actually I am finishing my internship here next week and will – of course – share a summary of this time in (reasonable^^) England with you :) if you have more specific questions I suggest you to just write us an email at :)

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