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Living with flatmates: useful tips

Nowadays, Europe is still facing the crisis of 2008. Some countries are still in a very bad situation in both economy and finance. That is the case for Greece where the public debt is sky-high ! Some of you might be lucky and have escaped their living standards decrease, but in any case most of the people are cautious and try to limit their expenses. This leads us to one particular topic : the housing. A lot of students and young adults have to leave home for university, to get a job or even when they cannot stand their parents anymore. There is an alternative when you want to leave the family-home but with a little money : shared flats.

The Rent

First of all, and before talking about life in a shared flat, the important thing is that there must be kind of an equity (more than equality) in the sharing of the rent. Ideally, if you are three you share the rent into three equal parts, but sometimes the rooms are not the same size, and to be fair the one who has the biggest room should pay more rent than the one who has the smallest. Of course, we are not talking about the situation in which the shared flat means shared-room or shared-bed.


In order to save money, sharing the expenses for the food and house shopping can be a good idea. However, this means to follow some rules. The best case scenario is that all the flatmates go shopping together , but it can be difficult when people have different schedules. So in that case, the best solution would be to alternate between each other. For instance, if it is a two-people flat-share, each one go shopping once every two weeks.

Then, if you have a specific regime (or other motives) and make the decision to not share the shopping, you must not eat your flatmate’s food or use his / her stuff.

Domestic Duties

As a matter of course, the same goes for the housework. You have to share the tasks in order not to clean the same things or rooms every time. For example, you would not like to have to clean the toilets at every household time. Consequently, the idea is to alternate the distribution. Moreover, every person has to clean his / her own room. Concerning washing the dishes, whether this is a shared duty, or every person washes his / hers.


Finally, one vital component of a flat-share is that each mate could keep his / her intimacy. When you start collocating, you have to establish the basic rules about that. For instance, if you want to invite your boyfriend or girlfriend (or friends in general), you better request the agreement of your flatmate, or at least announcing his / her coming.

Preferably, if you don’t have the same schedules than your flatmate, try not to make too much noise early in the morning or late into the night.

Respecting intimacy also means that you are not supposed to walk naked through the apartment or leave your underwear in common rooms.

These are the main unwritten rules for the community life that will help you to start living in a shared flat, but there are many others as well. In the case you cannot get along well with your flatmate(s), move out!


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