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Launch a Start-up after your degree – 3rd Part: During

You succeeded in launching your start-up company. You are the manager and you have already found partners to help you solve the problems that you may face. However, you still have to manage your team and your company properly.

The first thing to know is that you should not be scared to put your idea into effect . However, if you want to make sure that your idea is good, it is better to walk through it again step by step.

In fact, there is a process needs to be followed, before starting. Firstly, you need to check all your notes concerning your project. As soon as your product will be placed in the market, this will help you to have a first impression about it. Moreover, try to improve your product by testing it constantly, that will provide you useful feedback and enable you to make the most of it. The importance of the feedback lies in the fact that you are an apprentice and you still need to learn. You should perfectly know the target customers; what they think, what they ask for, what they can buy. Then, you need to make the necessary improvements to create the perfect product for your potential client. Even if you do not succeed the first time, you can try again. Repeat this ”procedure” as many times as possible.

There are two possible ways: either everything goes wrong or everything goes unexpectedly good. In the first case, you have to, quickly, deal with the situation before it gets worse, in the second case all you have to do is enjoy your success and keep working hard.

More specifically, concerning the bad scenario, you have two choices. The first one is to try to find new investors willing to fund your product, or you have to consider making some changes regarding the design, the features, or even the marketing strategy. Otherwise, you should take your chances and try something new, that maybe suits you better or interests you more.

In some cases, entrepreneurs decide to go on with the sale of their company when it is still flourishing. Although it’s rare, it is necessary when you’re not feeling comfortable managing the company or you receive a good offer. It is important to know what you can or can’t do and thus when it’s the right moment to get a step back.

However, if you feel confident enough to manage with the potential success of he company, keep working hard and try to improve yourself and your company as much as possible. After all, every huge company worldwide was not like that from the beginning, but they gradually grew up until they became world-known.

To sum up, the best thing to remember is to know yourself, trust your intuition and take the right decision in the right moment. Especially, do not be afraid to be wrong because you can try again.

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