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Launch a start-up after your degree – 2nd Part: launch

In the previous article, “Launch a start-up after your degree – 1st Part : Before”, we talked about which things you have to do before launching your start-up. In this part, we are going to talk about the real step into the launching of a new company. But that’s only one of the ways you can take to achieve your goal.

As you may know, the amazing adventure begins when you come up with a good idea and the most challenging part of this process is to take this step. But in fact, it’s not as hard as it seems. What you have to do is stay to your range, don’t think about something impressing that maybe is far from what you can really do. You have to be aware of what you’re capable of doing and of what you’re not. First of all, try to find the best solution possible to solve the problems that you may face instead of leaning on your colleagues. Try to focus on what you would like to improve and work on it. Go deeper into your work because the harder you work, the better results you will have. But the important thing is to enhance your idea with something different from what others did, and it will be enough for a good start.

After having found an idea for your start-up, you are ready to begin your business plan. It’s a written document that describes your business in detail. It’s not mandatory but, I would recommend you to write one since it is really useful to convince people to join your project.

Then, you should check how the market works concerning this particular product. A study may help you at this point, as it contains a detailed description of the product, the competition within the product, and of course its impact on the environment. In fact, there is an external study, called PESTLE analysis, which can help you.

Furthermore, it’s essential to find the right partners to collaborate with in order to be able to come up with more resources concerning your project. Your business plan and your market study will make it easier for you to get forward with this important step. After that, all you have to do is introduce your plan to your new colleagues and answer to all of their questions. This is the way you have to follow, if you wish to set the basics for your collaboration.

After having found partners and settling all the administrative paperwork, you have to make a worksheet to get a good view of your current project. There is no need to have a nice presentation, as you can improve it later.

For the last but not least step, you can consult your banker and try to find investors who can fund your project. Although it may help you, there are no guarantees of approving your idea or even fund it.

You have to surround yourself with qualified and trustworthy people, that are capable of helping you extend your company.

Now, you are responsible of managing these people and keep them interested and motivated. Try to build strong relationship with them because, you will probably spend a lot of time together.

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