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Launch a Start-up after your degree – 1st Part: Before

After your degree, you have a lot of possibilities and you have to choose the best way for you. You should choose the one in which you will enjoy what you do. You will give the best of you and you will be satisfied about what you do. In this case, you have to choose among continuing your studies to get a better level, getting a job in a company and joining the professional world, beginning another degree if you are more attracted by a topic that you didn’t study or launching your own company.

The latter is not really known among students and the results are very encouraging. 50 percent of start-ups lasts 5 years and even if your company becomes a failure is positive because you have learnt something and you can improve your ideas and try again.

But if you want a chance to succeed, you have to follow some rules and some steps.

The first step to succeed is to make a diagnostic of yourself. You have to know your strengths and your weaknesses to know what is possible for you. This is one of the most important steps because you are creating a start-up for you, to get a job and to get money. Therefore, you have to be able to manage your activity by yourself without the help of employees or something like that because at the beginning you must take care of your finance.

So the second step is to check your financial situation. A perfect balance sheet is not necessary however a recap of the maximum you have in order to launch your own business is enough. This sum includes your personal funds, money you can get from your family or people around you.

Then you have to get some information about economic trend, what happens in the economic world at the moment and in the future. Which opportunities you have and which sectors are attractive. You find this kind of information on financial press, on the TV, on social media, on the Internet, blog… You should use all supports that you have to get useful information for you.

And before launching your start-up you must have the necessary experience to do it. So you can also work in a start-up like an intern just to know how it works and thus anticipate issues you could meet in this kind of company.

In France for example, you can join a special school for this type of studies to prepare yourself to manage your own society. It’s called “PEPITE” and you can receive a lot of advice, help, tools to learn how to run a company. You will meet many professionals and you can build a network for the future.

You have a special status when you launch your company during your studies, it’s called “etudiant-entrepreneur” and at the end you also have a national degree named “D2E”. That’s to help students who want to launch their business but who don’t have enough experience and money, because they give you a financial help if your project is really attractive.

So to conclude, you need to prepare your way starting by knowing yourself because you are the main actor of this project and you have to have intellectual and financial capacities necessary for the launching of your start-up. You must know you environment as well as possible to avoid troubles or other issues you could meet, hence you must have a good experience on the subject.

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