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Journalism 2.0

Today, people are completely overwhelmed by a lot of information.You can receive these informations trough many ways: web, newspaper, radio, mobile phone, TV, etc., and in many different places: on the train, on the bus, at work, in a restaurant, in the station, etc. People are always connected with the world’s events in a real time.

Communication has now changed and even journalists’ job. It seems that the Journalist works only on the desk now. He takes information from agency’s newspaper like ANSA, the best in Italy, CNN or Returns. They change a little bit the text and then publish the news. In this way the information is identical in every newspaper and people can choose the media that suits them the most. Journalists have to pay attention to the continuous flow of informations. Now, breaking news is the most efficient way to get information in real time. The time to write a newspaper article is longer than for TV or Web. The web is very useful to have an easy access to information, but it may contain a lot of mistakes. People can see themselves if what has been written is true or not.

The public is becoming one of the newspaper’s protagonist. Everyone can write news about an event or make a video and put it on the web. It can be positive because we can help the communication, but on the other side sometimes this material is used to scare the public with false information.

Newspaper is used to examine the details. But if we want to know only the news, we can use the web or TV because these medias are faster. With journalism, communication is a cycle, it starts with faster media and there is a continuous exchange with the newspaper. People can hear the news in the evening and then, the day after, they can read other information on the newspaper. TV journalist’s work is different. In the morning he organises the news of the day with the team. At the top he puts the most important event and at the bottom the other events.

When they decide what news to cover, they go with a cameramen and they make the report. The TV journalist has to remember to do a short abstract of the event every time because we never know what people really understand about the event. An other important thing is to follow the news in the future and see how the event is developed. The local TV journalist has the most difficult job because he takes the world’s events and adapts them to a local vision. He has to find a way to make the international events interesting  for a local ground.

A journalist should find news outside his office and check his sources. If he uses a different source, he has a different vision of the fact. To do a good job, it is essential to to verify the veracity of the informations.

An other important thing is to use correct words to describe and to define the situation and the people. If we use a wrong word, we could hit people’s feelings. The journalist has to write in the most objective way.

At the top  if you want to become a good journalist, you should be curious, well ­informed, self­ confident and a good listener. The journey is long, but if you’re really determined, you’ll reach your goal!

The world needs you!

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