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Job search: The benefits of social networks

Nowadays, hunting for a job or an internship, when you are a young graduate, has become a real “boot-camp”. The main reason is the law of supply and demand; today the number of students who are search for a job don’t apply whereas, the demand never stop to decline.

You may ask yourself, how can you catch the attention of the companies?
Handwritten CV are done. Companies are looking for young dynamic persons, who are used to work with computers and internet.

Through this article we are going to talk about the benefits of the different social networks as Facebook or LinkedIn, and also the benefits of making a “connected CV”.

Social networks, are a good way to stay connected with the companies. On LinkedIn, when you will create your profile, you will have to give some information about you, like a photography, your full name, the city where you live, your professional experience, your skills, but also some extra details like : your passions, donations, or participation at events.

For example, if you are participating in  a sport in a club and you have done competitions with results, you can link your experience in sport with your results on your profile by the federation web site. Also, it is interesting and important to follow the companies you look for, share articles (from them or not) to show your interest. The more you complete your profile, the more visibility you will have for the recruiters. Social networks could become a real tool to get a job, if you are careful at what you share and what do. Feed your account professionally and not personally. Link each of your accounts between them, to gain in visibility.

To make sure that you have all of the chances, it is recommended to create your “connected CV” in addition of your different accounts on social networks. This CV will be the one you will send to companies to apply.

Use a logo to give a visual dimension. For example, if you have a Skype account or a Linked account, you can add your username next to the logo, corresponding and get hyper-link on the logo. Like this, when the recruiters will receive your CV, they will just have to click on your logos to access more quickly to your profiles. Also if you have special qualifications, or passions, do not hesitate to prove it with hyperlinks on keywords, or on logos to articles, sites, videos. It is recommended to express your creativity through the form of your document, but also the colour of your document. But be careful, don’t be too creative, keep it simple and efficient!

So, we can conclude saying that the goal of social media is to be the most creative possible and connected. Use the different possibilities the internet gives you, deal with it, and prove your capacities with what you have done via articles, photography etc. You should not underestimate yourself, you have to keep in mind that you can do it, so express yourself!

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