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Job recruitment – How to get a job?

Finding a job is not easy. It will take a lot of attempts before getting a job. The recruitment processes are very different from a company to another, but here are the main steps:

Curriculum Vitae

The first step is to create a good CV. Your resume should be unique and fit a specific position. You should not use a CV generator. During your studies you have a lot of opportunities to enrich your resume. You should participate in many extra activities because it is very important for the employers.

If you pass this step, you will be invited to a job interview with a recruiter.


Firstly, you have to prepare very well to this. You need to read information about the company, its customers and its products. Moreover, you have to read very carefully the job advertisement and you should write down the most important information. You also should think about your strengths and weaknesses before the interview.


Very often the next step consists in taking tests, such as a numerical test, an analytical test or a verbal test. These tests should determine whether you have the appropriate skills to the position or not.

Case study

A case study is the other step of the recruiting process. You will have to explain what you would do in a real situation. You can also receive some tasks to solve.

Assessment centre

Sometimes, international companies have an assessment centre. It is kind of a test. An applicant works in a team and has to solve a problem with a team. They need to cooperate with each other. Each applicant is assessed by one or more recruiters. This step can take several hours and takes place in the headquarters of the company. You can also have an individual assessment, during which you will have to solve problems on your own.

Interview with manager

Finally, the last step may be an interview with the manager. During this interview you may be asked about your soft skills, professional experience and financial expectation.

Congratulation, if you pass all these steps, then you are the best candidate!

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