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Jet Airways: #Getmore you can afford it!

Back in 2011, we were following fraternal twins in their very first trip aboard a Jet Airways aircraft. This would lead them on the tracks of Gandhi by visiting the impressive Taj Mahal.

They had put their trust in the airline company because of its strong presence and good image in the Indian aviation market. Indeed, private airlines such as Jet Airways represent around 75 per cent of the shares in the domestic aviation market. Moreover, the Indian aviation industry is one of the fastest growing aviation industries, which makes it the 9th largest aviation market worldwide.

One hour before landing in New Delhi, the twins had been able to relish a delicious biryani. The boy ordered a meal with tandoori and the girl had a vegan meal.

Then, they started watching an old but still famous TV commercial with Superstar Rajinikanth promoting the Jet Airways first class on a wide-body aircraft.

However, the project which is about to be launched is on a completely different scale.

Indeed, $3 million will be injected on the first ad campaign of 2007. Propelled under the hashtag #Getmore at the rank of the most efficient campaign, it aims to re-brand Jet Airways, meaning its entire fleet, livery, cabin format and crew.

Thanks to the hashtag #Getmore, the ad campaign was really successful and ranked number one this year.

The latest campaign unveiled plans to cover the digital and social media, radio, out of home advertising, print and television by featuring international Indian artists such as Jay Sean.

Everything has been designed: from providing the best fares to supplying 20 regional and international special meals that include the Signature Indian Hospitality service.

The promotion mainly targets the Indian price-conscious customers but also aim to attract young people, students and other social categories.

Today, our twins are planning to go back to India.

Keeping in touch with Jet Airways made them feel like India got closer.

They can afford it! They can #Getmore!

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